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Connect to anyone in the world Fast and secure messaging
Call Encryption 2G/3G/LTE compatible
Extremely low data usage Video calls


Ringon is a totally new communication App which you can use to call, message, video call and much more. And all of that is absolutely free.
Any smartphone user can use it as long as their smartphone is iOS (iOS8 and higher) or Android (4.1 and higher).
Simply use Google Play or App Store, depending on your phone. Find Ringon and download it. Please note that in order to activate Ringon you will receive SMS activation code. So make sure you are on a mobile network at that time.
You can communicate with your friends and family who also have Ringon. You can also manage your Ringon service in a local user cabinet right within the App.
You can send messages to anyone who already has a Ringon App. Create group chats and send voice messages, photos or videos. In order to send messages to all those who don’t have Ringon yet - simply invite them to download Ringon.
Go to “Invite Friends” tab in Ringon and select all those who will receive an invitation message
If you are a Ringon user you can top up any mobile account using Ringon
As soon as you create a Ringon account you will be able to use it on any supported device. Please note: you cannot use one account simultaneously on several devices at the same time. As soon as you enter your account on another device it will be deactivated on a previous one.
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